SPF Skincare Bundle (Large)

SPF Skincare Bundle (Large)

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Includes 1x Antioxidant Sun Protector SPF50 (100ml) + 1x Antioxidant Power Serum + 1x Stem Cell SPF 30 worth £200 (save 25%)

Award winning skincare, clinically proven to protect your skin all year round.
Antioxidant Power Serum: 

  • Floods the skin with protective antioxidants that work to neutralise harmful free radicals.
  • Works as a shield to protect the skin from harmful UV and HEV rays.
  • Contains Vitamin C to brighten the skin and control unstable pigment cells.
  • The low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in serum helps to deeply hydrate at the cellular levels and gives the skin a dewy glow.

Antioxidant Sun Protector SPF50 (100ml):

  • Lightweight broad spectrum SPF 50 ideally for daily use on the face.
  • Does not cause break outs or occlude the skin due to the lightweight non-comedogenic formula.

Stem Cell SPF 30:

  • Protects against harmful UV radiation and High Energy Visible Light (HEV).
  • Contains antioxidants and plant stem cells to protect the skin from environmental damage and to regenerate the skin cells.
  • Contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for deeply hydration.
  • Cosmetically elegant and lightweight SPF with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Antioxidant Sun Protector SPF50 (100ml):

• Enriched with B5 & Aloe Vera
• Broad spectrum UVA & UVB & HEV (blue light) protection
• SPF 50
• Reef & coral safe
• Organic filters
• No nanoparticles

With a sophisticated texture, this SPF 50 sunscreen is ideal for daily use and is packed with beneficial ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5 – powerhouses for the skin. Use daily throughout the year for broad spectrum sun protection and hydration. Reapply regularly, especially after water exposure.

Suitable for normal to dry skin this formula is especially good for skin in need of extra hydration or for sensitive skin that needs to be protected from UV radiation. Use after your antioxidant serum AM. NEW Non -Tinted Formula

Antioxidant Power Serum:

• 20% L ascorbic acid
• 2% Niacinamide (B3)
• 1% Vitamin E
• 1% Ferulic acid
• 0.5% Pantothenic acid (B5)
• Sodium Hyaluronate

This concentrated serum is a cocktail of powerful skin antioxidants. It is formulated with 20% L ascorbic acid, niacinamide, vitamin E, ferulic acid & sodium hyaluronate and is a powerhouse elixir of the finest calibre.

Ideal for: Anti-ageing, preventing UV & HEV (Blue light) radiation, preventing pollution damage, reducing skin pigmentation, improving skin hydration, intense collagen support, daily antioxidant. Suitable for all skin types.

Stem Cell Renewal Cream:

This utterly divine, state of the art stem cell renewal cream is a light weight, high powered rejuvenating formula. Within weeks of its launch it won Get The Gloss’ award for Best Sun Protector.

Botanical stem cells derived from citrus plants help protect the skin against free radical damage, help nourish the skin and hydrate the skin from within. Organic SPF 30 helps protect the skin from UV & HEV (blue light) light radiation.

Used daily it will help hydrate, protect and support your skin cells.