Collagen: Not Just A Beauty Molecule

Collagen: Not Just A Beauty Molecule

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ZENii Founder and the “Queen of Collagen’ Doctor Dr Johanna Ward brings together for the first time the science from clinical studies and trials, examining the impact of collagen not just on the skin, but also the rest of the human body, making complex scientific concepts accessible to all. This evidence-based book examines why collagen is more than a molecule for beauty but affects our full body everyday health.

Collagen is fundamental to our bodies yet we start to decline production from as young as mid-20s. Our ancestors would supplement collagen when we ate ‘nose to tail’ yet our modern diets don’t enable us to do so, meaning most humans are collagen deficient. This affects not just our skin, but our nails, hair, vessels, gut, muscles, joints and organs and can be seen in old age as symptoms such as skin sagging, low mood, brain fog, bone breaks and joint pain.

Dr Johanna Ward’s book brings together everything that she has learned over the last fifteen years of studying, formulating and working with collagen. It shows how collagen stands up to scientific scrutiny and presents emerging evidence for collagen for many modern day conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, post-exercise recovery and joint health.


Collagen: Not Just A Beauty Molecule covers:

• What is collagen: Collagen is a powerful longevity and youth promoter. Type 1 collagen is stronger than steel and the state of your collagen really does matter to your whole body health, yet every decade our collagen quality and quantity declines. Dr Ward outlines why preserving your collagen status and supporting ongoing production is an important part of every longevity effort. She also reveals why collagen MUST be taken with co-factors Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, Iron and Copper when supplemented or the collagen is not absorbed by the body.
• What depletes collagen: Dr Ward examines the six main reasons for collagen decline – genetics, aging, poor diet, UV exposure, smoking and stress, and outlines how we can prevent and minimise this through powerful, evidence-based initiatives. She also outlines why collagen is important to our whole body.
• Collagen and the skin: Dr Ward distils her 15 years of knowledge into helpful tips on how to protect and replenish your skin’s collagen. She also reveals how many people are being tricked by false collagen marketing because collagen in skincare can NOT enter the body topically as it is too large a molecule.
• Clinical studies and evolving evidence: Dr Ward explores the emerging science and evidence in support of collagen supplementation and how most studies suggest a daily dose of a minimum of 10,000mg per day. Studies show that collagen can help hair loss, reduce joint pain, muscle strength, bone mineral density and gastrointestinal symptoms. Dr Ward also reveals that unless your collagen is hydrolyzed, your body will not be able to absorb it.
• Commercial preparations and collagen induction treatment: Dr Ward shares extensive information about commercial collagen supplements, including the effectiveness of vegan collagen, and outlines aesthetics treatments that also boost collagen production e.g microneedling radiofrequency treatments such as Morpheus8.

Dr Johanna Ward, GP and Skincare Doctor, said: “I have seen first-hand the transformations in my patients, family and friends from effective collagen supplementation on their total body and cellular health. With the ceiling of human existence increasing all the time it becomes vital that we all start paying close attention to our bodies full nutritional requirements and optimising our cellular health in whatever way we can. I hope that this book will help everyone to understand that collagen is one of the most important molecules for human vitality”.

This is a doctor’s advice on collagen – an accessible, uplifting, evidence-based guide that readers can trust. With practical tips and easy to absorb medical information, Collagen: Not Just A Beauty Molecule helps everyone to understand the key facts about this important molecule.