About ZENii

ZENii was created and formulated by multi award winning Dr. Johanna Ward, one of the UK’s leading skin doctors.

With her knowledge and partnering with a team of doctors, cosmetic scientists and nutritionists, Dr. Johanna Ward has created a cutting edge skincare and supplements range, that has been meticulously formulated to deliver the very best in clinically proven results, using ingredients and micronutrients that optimise skin health.

ZENii Founder Dr. Johanna Ward


At ZENii, we believe that the future of skincare recognises the importance of optimising cellular nutrition. We are shaping how we approach skincare, focusing on the synergy between what goes into our bodies and how we treat our skin topically. We believe in nourishing the skin, both internally through nutrients and externally with skincare products and regimes. This is the future of anti-ageing, wellness and living a long and healthy life.

Dr Johanna Ward


Dr Johanna Ward


"I am a General Practitioner, cosmetic doctor and a total skin geek. I am a woman in my 40’s and a mother of three so I know the demands of modern life! 

Anyone that knows me knows I am a passionate advocate of the power of preventative & nutritional medicine and that I have devoted my professional life to the science and study of skin health. When I created ZENii I wanted to create an intelligent skincare brand that coupled clinically proven skincare with health & beauty supplements that nourish the skin from within. 

In my years of clinical practice I noticed that people were missing the basic and fundamental micronutrients for maintaining good skin health. They were investing in good quality skincare but they were forgetting to address other areas of their life such as their nutritional status, stress levels, toxin exposure & diet. Skin health starts at the cellular level. Only when cellular function is optimised from within can the skin be truly healthy, radiant & withstand the ageing process...

Why Choose ZENii?


Our founder is Dr Johanna Ward one of the UK’s best skin Doctors. She has travelled the world researching and choosing the best ingredients for our products.


Dr Ward is passionate about skin heath & optimising inner health and has created the incredible ZENii range to allow you to enjoy the incredible synergy that exists between optimising inner nutrition and improving the long term health of your skin.


Our award winning products contain the most innovative, clinically proven ingredients formulated with precision & passion.


We believe in the idea of nourishing the skin from without and within. Our skincare was designed to be coupled with internal nutrition to improve cellular performance and function at every level.


We do not rely on marketing hype. Our products deliver clinically proven results that speak for themselves.


We educate our customers about optimising skin health & inner health long-term. We want to help you journey back to health.


Our ingredients are sustainably sourced.


We use environmentally friendly packaging and minimise our packaging wherever possible.


We are 100% cruelty free.


We are proud to be an award winning British brand.

I love that ZENii combines its skincare approach to provide vital ingredients from both inside and out. The topical skincare range uses high quality clinically proven ingredients in luxurious products that are a delight to use. The Skin Fusion supplement is an absolute favourite of mine as it contains a superior quality high strength marine collagen combined with other hero ingredients that are vital for skin, hair, joints and more!

Dr Amy Hughes. Aesthetic Doctor.


Intelligent skincare and anti-ageing products formulated with the highest quality ingredients. ZENii skincare is based on the 4 principles of skin health: Protect, Nourish, Fortify & Repair.

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Our advanced scientific formulas are designed to give you the essential micro-nutrients that your skin & body needs. They work to optimise cellular function and enhance wellness.

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Our History


ZENii London is officially established in the UK

Healthy skin starts from within