BioRePeel Face and Body

BioRePeel Face and Body

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30 MINS | Course of 3-6 Treatments | From £150 for 1 session or £500 for 4

The BioRePeel treatment is an innovative and excellent anti-ageing treatment which contains all of the essential vitamins and amino acids that your skin requires, as well as containing a form of muscle relaxant which helps to fight the signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. It can assist with acne scarring and is an ideal treatment performed as a base before undergoing further non-surgical skin treatments, such as dermal fillers or microneedling on the body or face.

BioRePeel is an innovative and bi-phase chemical skin peel that provides a stimulating, revitalising and peeling effect to the skin. It’s thanks to this exfoliation that it is able to promote the turnover of cells and stimulate new production to counteract the effects of ageing, and some forms of scarring, on the skin.

Cell turnover is promoted by using the BioRePeel serum to remove the outer layers of the skin, with 14 active ingredients that work hand in hand to contribute to the production of new cells and healing existing ones. This allows the treatment to work against both the visible and invisible signs of ageing, UV damage and pollution to the skin.