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    • Ultra Hydrate (50mL)


      This super hydrating lightweight serum is a phenomenal skin hydrator. It utilises cutting edge ultra low weight hyaluronic acid technology to deliver the deepest cellular hydration possible plus benefits from a sophisticated blend of skin boosting B5 and vitamin C.

      Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, acne, rosacea and dehydrated skin.

      ✅  Vegan
      ✅  Paraben free
      ✅  Cruelty free
      ✅  Palm Free
      ✅  Clinically Proven
      ✅  Ethically & Sustainably Sourced

      Please note this product is part of our NEW Eco Range and therefore comes without packaging. This is part of our effort to protect the planet and reduce wastage. If you want a hyaluronic product that comes with packaging/box then please select Hyaluronic Booster Serum 50mL.

    • Radiance Roller Kit


      The 0.5mm ZENii Radiance Roller Kit is a powerful skin rejuvenation tool that can help you get the most out of your topical skincare & can help you achieve your skin health goals.

      It is a high calibre home microneedling device designed to help your topical skincare penetrate deeper and have more impact. Regular roller use will help to brighten, rejuvenate & stimulate your skin.

      The kit comes with a 100ml ZENii Sanitising Solution for cleaning the device.

      Ideal for: Brightening, oxygenation, anti-ageing, improved penetration of topical skincare.

      *Can be reused 12-15 times before it should be discarded. Clean thoroughly after each use.

    • Clear Skin Gift Set


      Includes salicylic acid exfoliator, hyaluronic booster serum and advanced retinol complex, ProClear supplement.

    • SPF Skincare Bundle (Medium)


      Includes 1x Antioxidant Sun Protector SPF50 (100ml) + 1x Antioxidant Power Serum worth £125 (save 20%): 

      Award winning skincare, clinically proven to protect your skin all year round.


      Antioxidant Power Serum: 
      ✅ Floods the skin with protective antioxidants that work to neutralise harmful free radicals.
      ✅ Works as a shield to protect the skin from harmful UV and HEV rays.
      ✅ Contains Vitamin C to brighten the skin and control unstable pigment cells.
      ✅ The low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in serum helps to deeply hydrate at the cellular level and gives the skin a dewy glow.

      Antioxidant Sun Protector SPF50 (100ml):
      ✅ Lightweight broad spectrum SPF 50 ideally for daily use on the face.
      ✅ Does not cause break outs or occlude the skin due to the lightweight non-comedogenic formula.

    • Hydration Gift Set


      Includes hyaluronic booster serum, micronutrient repair night cream, ProHydrate supplement and 0.3mm home dermaroller.

    • Rebalance Day & Night Cream

      £85 Dispatched as soon as back in stock

      Launching Early September – Pre-Order Now

      This next generation Bio-Regenerative skin cream has been specially formulated for hormone depleted skin. It contains powerful patented cosmeceutical ingredients designed to support and stimulate hormone depleted skin – to jumpstart collagen & elastin production, reduce age related inflammation, neutralise free radical damage and restore skin barrier function.

      ✅ Packed full of clinically evidenced skin supporting ingredients
      ✅ Improves skin firmness and elasticity caused by oestrogenic decline
      ✅ Reduces skin inflammation and stress
      ✅ Reduces skin sagging and improves the appearance of jowls, crows feet and marionette lines.

      Ideal for: Peri-Menopause and Menopause. Stressed Skin. Proactive Anti-ageing.

    • Advanced Brightening Serum


      Advanced Brightening Serum is a concentrated, light weight serum with active ingredients that are designed to reduce the signs of excess pigmentation and sun damage in the skin.
      It contains Glutathione, Arbutin, Azelaic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and glycolic acid. These ingredients are all known to be powerhouse ingredients for skin brightening and together form a powerful elixir for melanocyte supression.

      Ideal for : Pigmentation spots, melasma, sun damage & for skin brightening

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