Salicylic Exfoliator

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Salicylic Exfoliator (100ml)

ZENii Salicylic Exfoliator is a clinically proven 2% salicylic acid lotion that helps to control oil and helps to shed unhealthy skin cell build up. It can be used to unclog pores in congested skin, treat excess oil in acne and brighten dull or lacklustre skin.

A ‘must have’ product for anyone with problem skin, acne, blackheads or blemishes.

Skin Type: Acne, congestion, blackheads, dull skin, anti-ageing, poor skin texture, men.

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Good to know

  • Clinically proven to treat acne
  • Clinically proven to treat blackheads, congestion and micro-comedones
  • Exfoliates the skin to brighten and smooth skin’s appearance
  • Anti-bacterial & Anti-inflammatory
  • Unclogs pores & breaks down excess oil
  • 2% formula for impactful results

Salicylic acid is a keratolytic which means that it helps shed unhealthy build up of dead skin cells. It has multiple functions and can work as a skin exfoliator, an anti-bacterial, an anti-inflammatory and a skin hydrator. It is related to aspirin and derived from willow bark.

It is a MUST have product for all acne/blemish/problem skin sufferers who will be benefit from twice use daily.

Salicylic acid has been used in dermatology for many years to treat inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, blackheads and generalised congestion. It can make the skin dry initially but with continued use this will settle.

2% is an ideal strength for effective daily use – AM & PM.

*Do not use salicylic acid products if you are allergic to aspirin.


After cleansing the skin, saturate a gauze pad and spread an even amount onto the face. Keep on the skin for 1-5 minutes and then rinse off with cool water.

It is normal for this product to tingle on the skin for a couple of minutes with initial use. This will reduce with continued use.

Caution: May make your skin dry with initial use. With continued use the skin will adjust and this dryness will settle down. Not suitable for use in pregnancy. Not suitable for anyone with an allergy to aspirin.


Purified water, Salicylic acid, alcohol denat.

8 reviews for Salicylic Exfoliator

  1. gemmasnewman

    This cleanser has been so good for my pores and helping me manage my spots, I break out so much less since I’ve been using it. A real game changer!

  2. Lee Harrison

    As a skincare professional I have worked with many different skin brands over the years and its generally difficult to get everything you need from one skin care line
    Dr Ward has carefully selected the must haves and the kindest ingredients for all skin conditions and carefully placed them all into one product house meaning I don’t have to shop between brands to get what I need for my clients
    This product is an essential after cleansing for most of my regimens meaning the skin is ready to absorb all of the other amazing ingredients prepared to treat the skin conditions and leaving it feeling hydrated decongested less inflamed, a really great start to clearer, healthy brighter looking skin

  3. Suzy Scarlett

    This is my favourite item in my skin routine. An absolute godsend for congested skin and leaves my face feeling beautifully smooth.

  4. Sam

    I’m a massive fan of a salicylic acid exfoliator and I love this product. Clears congestion and is not harsh on my skin. It doesn’t leave my face feeling ‘stripped’ or ‘dried out’. Definitely recommend.

  5. Demi

    I am so pleased I’ve discovered this salicylic exfoliator, I have noticed fewer spots and my pores feel so clean after using this! I use every day after my cleanser and is something I will continue to use for sure!

  6. Jenny thomas

    I have been using Zenii products for about 3 years now. After suffering with adult acne and really oily skin for years and spending a fortune on skincare that didn’t work these products have changed my life! I love the salicylic exfoliator as not only has it completely eradicated my oily skin, it has cleared my acne and made my pores appear much smaller. I cannot recommend this product enough!

  7. Anna Porter

    10 stars ! This and the polish are my favourite skincare products of all time.
    I honestly can say that my skin looks and feels a million times better since using this, and I’ve never discovered anything else that has the same effect. It’s like wiping off the old and being left with sparkly new skin every time. LOVE IT!

  8. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Love this product. Has completely cleared my congested skin. Not harsh or too drying unlike most salicylic products. Would highly recommend to everyone with acne or congested skin.

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